Photos & Videos by Ally Newbold

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Touring music photographer/videographer
Contributing Photographer at PropertyofZack
Owner of Space Jam Sessions
Photog Dawg at Broken World Media

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Epitaph Records said that I took ridiculously awesome photos of @themenzingers and I literally can’t stop smiling right now!!!!!




Thank you sooooooo much!!!


thaaank you!

You were clenching your fists. You were biting your upper lip.
I watched a thousand tiny goosebumps gain territory of your skin.
And for whatever this is worth, I was happy, I was sure
of everything.

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If you were here I would admit that I’m an asshole

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i just started takin photos and it kinda turned into a hobby / lifestyle / daily routine. i met zack at the lost tape collective holiday show in 2012 and decided we should start working with each other and here we are now! ^_^